K-GARD is the result of years of research by a team of chemists and is different than any other hand cleaner ever made. Our unique formula removes oil, grease, paint, tar, tree sap, ink and a variety of other contaminants with ease.  K-GARD is used without water and remains effective in sub-zero temperatures, making it ideal for people working outdoors or in the field.  K-GARD moisturizes and heals the dry, cracked skin often suffered by individuals who work with their hands.  The highly concentrated K-GARD formula works so efficiently that only a small amount is required to clean the hands, providing more value for your money.

K-GARD contains 14 different ingredients including a substantial portion (about 15%) of a combination of refined lanolin, selected oils and a bacteria stat to kill germs and destroy bacteria.  Company field testing and our customers consistently report that K-GARD cleans better and faster than other industrial hand cleaners.


Who Uses K-GARD?

Whether at home or in the workplace, the effectiveness and versatility of K-GARD benefits anyone that gets dirty “on-the-job.”  Mechanics, painters, printers, roofers, landscapers, road and utility workers are just a few of the individuals who find K-GARD to be the perfect product for cleaning up when their work is done.


K-GARD is Simple to Use:  Dispense a small amount onto dry  hands.  The cleaner is “worked” into the hands for a brief period and the toughest grit, grime, dirt and stains are loosened almost instantly!  The hands are then wiped clean with a paper or cloth towel.  It is unnecessary to rinse the hands with water, but some individuals prefer to do so.  After cleaning, it is recommended that a very small amount be used as a lotion for extra protection.