K-GARD Fresh


Everything you love about our Original formula with a LIGHTER SCENT.

K-GARD Waterless Industrial Hand Cleaner has been exceeding customer expectations for nearly 50 years.  Invented in 1965, the patented K-GARD formula is the work of a team of chemists that set out to create a high-quality product unlike anything else available.  The combination of properties found in K-GARD remains unique to this day.  K-GARD Waterless Industrial Hand Cleaner is a highly concentrated formula that removes oil, grease, paint, tar, tree sap, adhesives and a wide variety of other contaminants, all while moisturizing and healing the dry, cracked skin often suffered by individuals  who work with their hands.  K-GARD is used without water and remains effective in sub-zero temperatures, making it an ideal hand cleaner for individuals working in the field.  K-GARD Waterless Industrial Hand Cleaner is extremely concentrated and made from the highest quality ingredients.  Because only a small amount is required to thoroughly clean the hands, K-GARD provides more value for your money when compared to ordinary industrial hand cleaners.  Join the group of people who have trusted their hands to K-GARD Waterless Industrial Hand Cleaner for nearly a half-century!

K-GARD Waterless Industrial Hand Cleaner is easy to use:   Apply a SMALL AMOUNT (penny-sized) onto DRY HANDS and work the cleaner into the debris, then simply wipe with a cloth or dry towel.  It is not necessary to rinse with water.

Triple Action – Soothes as it cleans!

  • Antiseptic
  • Conditions skin – contains lanolin
  • Cleans thoroughly


Available in 2 oz.   4 oz.    &    12oz.


  1. Dispense small amount onto dry hands (use no water first)
  2. Rub In – K-Gard loosens grime instantly
  3. Wipe Clean – Rinse if you prefer
After cleaning a very small amount can be used as a lotion for extra protection.


I have used this hand cleaner for 30 years because no matter what the job, (oil, paint, etc.,)  it always cleans my hands and does not leave them dried out.  Nothing else will work!
Dan Lemker

Certified with the City of Cleveland:

Female Business Enterprise (FBE)

Cleveland Area Small Business (CSB)

Local Producer (LPE)