Crafty Hands




From professional Painters and Artists to occasional Crafters, Crafty Hands will clean even the messiest of hands with ease.  Crafty Hands quickly and effectively removes paints, adhesives, graphite, ink and more, all while soothing and moisturizing your skin.  Crafty Hands is a highly concentrated formula, allowing you to use only a small amount to effortlessly clean your hands.  Go ahead–dive into your work and get messy, Crafty Hands can HAND-le it!

Crafty Hands is easy to Use:  Dispense a SMALL AMOUNT (penny-sized) onto DRY HANDS.  Work the cleaner into the mess and wipe with a cloth or towel.  It is not necessary to rinse with water.



Available in 2 oz.  &   4 oz.


I have used this hand cleaner for 30 years because no matter what the job, (oil, paint, etc.,)  it always cleans my hands and does not leave them dried out.  Nothing else will work!
Dan Lemker

Certified with the City of Cleveland:

Female Business Enterprise (FBE)

Cleveland Area Small Business (CSB)

Local Producer (LPE)